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Be One

Be One

Find your stairway to happiness

Happiness is something everyone wants to feel. Happy childhood memories filter onwards into adult life. For most people it is the buying of experiences or possessions that makes them happy for a short time. This is usually short lived, the next purchase is already being planned for planned for to bring about that feeling of happiness. When money can buy anything, what is left? What gives that immense feeling of pure joy and happiness that will surpass all, and last a lifetime?

Ask your inner self or voice if it wants you to be happy? It always says yes, but usually with conditions, I will be happy when…I have money…. I find the right partner…. This means that the self imposed conditions of true happiness will stop you moving on. Your inner self will always search  for a time when you were happy and try to relate or copy those conditions again. For some people maybe that there was never a time they felt true happiness, what then? More people find it easier relating happiness to having lots of wealth, a big house, cars or a high income career. In the meantime, they will feel that there can be no happiness until that time their goals or targeted are achieved. What if one goes through life and those goals are not gained for whatever reason, what then? Happiness will never be found and the life is gone leaving a feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with no inner peace.

Happiness can be achieved by giving love to everything and living in the moment, because that is all there is. Waiting for happiness that might never come is not the answer. Happiness can be achieved easily just by loving all the things you already have that make you happy. As if by magic, very quickly a different feeling will emerge of joy and the realisation all the other wants are temporary. True happiness comes from within learning to love all that you have now, no matter how small or few. Happiness will grow and blossom others will be drawn to you, your energy field that surrounds you will change, life will feel great.

People have forgotten how to love others and love is not something you can easily describe, it is something felt within. Love expands out of your body, if you surrender to it and let it. Do not react or give negative situations a reaction but give  love and things will start to change. When you hear negative news, try not to discuss, react or separate from it, don’t resist it surrender to it and just let it be. When you feel love you feel warm inside, you surrender to all your negative feelings, let them go and relax. Now mentally take  a step outside of yourself.  Observe yourself, without judgement you are now aware of the tightness inside yourself, slowly it will start to melt away.  As you begin to awaken you will start to become more aware of what is going on inside of yourself. It is far better to experience it, rather than try to identify it intellectually, just by letting it all go, it unfolds all by itself.

Being in the state of “Oneness” giving love to everything takes practise, just like learning to play an instrument or driving a car. Your inner self will always look for an escape route. Past generations have become experts at not wanting to feel happiness and will always create a reason or an excuse to not to give love to a situation or person. They will then try not to enjoy something or direct negativity towards a situation. It is much easier, feeling lonely in a new place, where there is nothing to criticise or pass judgement on, to begin with it feels very uncomfortable. This will take practise, but after a month it will become easier. We are all experts in expressing or denying ourselves. When a computer gets a virus many block or keep replaying the same information to stop us seeing our awareness. We have been brain-washed over the centuries and have fears that just won’t go away. We keep passing our viruses on to others and the next generation either consciously or subconsciously, not with awareness. Your parents, teachers and peers, pile in the generic programmes from a very early age some good, some viral. Then you go to school and that can change with stressed out teachers or in the work place. During  informative years these programmes continue to be fed, then in turn to the future offspring, the cycle continues. At some point in life these programmes will need to be changed and the delete button needs to be activated, once the inner self  becomes aware and realises it is perfectly possible to feel all the time.

When there is nothing to complain about, criticise or be fearful of the inner self can get lonely, and tries to find things to be negative about. Mind loves to deal in pictures. Get a picture of the situation to dissolve it by giving it love, thinking of all the things about that situation that are positive only. In pure joy and with surrender, there can be no unhappiness or resistance to any negative situation, then that picture will simply float away.

Love is in everyone. When it is released the tightness surrounding it disappears, happiness will pour out. The world is full of love and happiness even the nastiest person is full of love if we look. MANY CHOOSE TO RESIST IT. GIVE LOVE TO EVERYTHING, SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

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