Why Meditation has become popular in the Corporate World

Meditation Helps to Relieve Stress

Meditation Helps to Relieve Stress

Time to Meditate

How do political leaders and company CEO’s deal with their stress levels? Stress is another universal problem political leaders face in this fast-moving world. Motivational and mindfulness teachers such as Jack Canfield http://jackcanfield.com/, a  motivational speaker and author, are in huge demand offering their services to leaders, corporate groups and their executives to help promote better stress levels, encourage mindfulness towards positive thinking. The benefits are life-changing in addition to practising meditation and breathing exercises.

Practise Meditation

Meditation helps to calm a busy mind when you need to concentrate, focus, learn or read something new.  Yoga Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

You need to be aware the art of meditation needs to be practised regularly to be able to gain the most benefit or when you need to de-stress easily. There is no fast track to meditation and cannot be forced. Therefore be patient and think of it for the rest of your life not just for a few weeks, be mentally relaxed and just let it happen.

Here are some simple steps to start.

Choose a special place.

Your special place needs to be just that, whenever you go there mentally you will immediately become relaxed automatically. This is  your special place, your brain will automatically tune in and easily relax into a meditation state. This makes it easier every time you visit your special place. Your space must be a place free of distractions such as the TV, mobile or other electronic devices. It is important that you will not be disturbed for the time of your meditation, regardless of your time spent. Some people prefer some relaxing music, this may be water softly trickling or gentle seashore sounds whilst others prefer silence to concentrate. Select some calming sounds that resonate with you to allow your full concentration.

Select a comfortable position.

A meditation session can last for up to an hour for most or longer. When you first start meditate it may be difficult to sit upright in a lotus, or half-lotus position for any length of time if you are not used to it. Try either sitting in a comfortable chair or lying down. The lying position may induce full sleep, you will have to experiment when starting to meditate to find what suits you best. Decide on a time of day and try staying with it to get into a routine. 

To prepare try some simple stretching exercises just for a few minutes to calm and relax the mind. Once you start meditating, if you feel any tension do not be afraid to adjust your posture and stretch your arms out with some deep breaths in and out of the nose to begin the relaxation process. Remember whatever posture you choose it must be super comfortable for at least an hour without any stress or tension.

Next close your eyes to take away any visual stimulation. 

Breathing Meditation.

The most popular way to meditate is breathing meditation, an easy way to start. Relax focus on a spot above the naval and then focus on the breath inhale and exhale with more emphasis on the exhalation to gain the best oxygen exchange, which will induce relaxation faster. It is perfectly normal for your thoughts to wander, when this happens visualise the sounds of nature or waves crashing on the shore or gentle sounds of nature. Watch how your breath calms you, how good you feel. You may enjoy a journey, create a walk in your imagination maybe in the countryside, the woods or by the sea, just see where your mind wanders and notice if you are given any signs or messages that may be helpful to you either personally or professionally or answers to any questions you may have been asking yourself. All answers come from within, just listen you may be amazed. When it is time to return you will be gently guided naturally back to reality. You may find a guided meditation on a CD may suit you better with a set time, if you are concerned about falling asleep after a conscious meditation.

Enjoy Meditation.

Every meditation brings about different results and feelings according to whatever is happening in your life at the time. Just be relaxed and be guided that whatever happens is right for you at that moment. Enjoy meditating and discover what others have benefited from for centuries.

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