What is Healing Energy


What Is Healing Energy

Healing Energy

Healing Energy

What is healing energy? Many cultures over thousands of years have ancient traditions we may know as the “laying on of hands”, as a way of healing their sick and unwell from all ailments both physical and spiritual. This has and still is a very important part of many cultures and traditions, still in use today.

As hands are laid onto the person, healing energy is channelled through the hands into the body. Tremendous heat can be generated to the individual, which can be felt all around the area of the hands. Some healers can perform distance healing by visualisation of the area that needs healing, many have reported some amazing results.

Today in our fast-moving world more people are looking for healing and healing energy to help with stress and cope with the physical ailments that come with it in a more natural and gentle way to avoid taking prescribed medication. There are many different types of healers working mostly from guided messages in a meditative state. 

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, although in times of need to have the support of a healer working hands on working intuitively is surely a wonderful blessed gift. Different types of healers may include Faith Healing, Distant Healing, Spiritual Healing, Reiki Energy Healing and Shamballa Healing to name a few.


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