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Hello! I am Nicole Salinger, a Spiritual Fitness and Wellness Coach, and I am so excited to bring my passion, enthusiasm and positive energy to you here via my blog, “Spiritual Fitness”, to all of you kindred Spiritual Fitness Directory followers!

So nice to meet all of you!!

So how did my Spiritual Fitness Coaching blog come about?

Well, I have always been a bit Spiritual throughout my life, looking into situations, and experiences in a more insightful way than most. I’ve also had a very creative mind and talents, and I magnified my abilities in the art and entertainment industries for most of my life, without a blink of fear or self-doubt.

In recent years, I found myself so fascinated by how the mind works. How we talk to ourselves, who we become inside, and how that effects who we attract around us. But most of all, I love talking about Energies, and how our happiness in life is directly related to how well we can manage the energies of other people.




And Fitness?

What inspires me about being a part of The Fitness Industry it is that I have the ability to make other people feel better about themselves through health and exercise, whether I am Teaching or Coaching.

After becoming a Certified Les Mills Fitness Instructor in both Sh’bam and Bodybalance, and spending the last year becoming a BodyCombat Warrior, I realized the “Power” Fitness had in redefining and transforming not only my body, but my inner spirit as well!

You see, anyone can achieve Fitness of the body… but Fitness of the Mind? How to completely transform your inner light, your energy… to a frequency of Positivity?Now that is the ultimate emotional success story!

Spiritual Fitness is magical.. and so very powerful. It fuses the body and mind together to balance you out, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually.

So my goal is to not only make you LOVE Fitness, but also start loving yourself more. If you are already on that Fitness road, I will help you gain some more insight on how to inspire yourself and others with your loving, positive energy!

If you are at the very beginning of a Spiritual journey back to yourself, searching for self acceptance and inner peace, then I will take you through those very steps to redefine yourself again.

If you need a self – confidence boost…I will give you the tools to believe in yourself again, to help you embrace Faith and Change into your life, so you can shine just the way the universe wants you to, without apology, without a hint of fear!

In life.. confidence and self- belief is everything… So let me tell you a story about myself…

From a young age, I had no fear, and I always had self-belief, and my talent of singing and performing led me to earn a Bachelor Of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre from The Boston Conservatory in the U.S.A., from which I landed jobs performing in the USA, the UK, and Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. I worked for companies such as Disney Live and Warner Bros, as well as singing in my own function band, “The Fabulous Bagel Boys” in Sydney for Corporate companies such as Pfizer, The Body Shop and Toyota. I also appeared on the Mid-day show presenting arts segments for Handmade Magazine, and Compered events and inshore celebrity interviews for Grace Bros, Sydney.

But my creativity didn’t stop there… once I became a mum, I created and ran my own creative gift packaging business called “The Bub Club”, a wholesale baby gift packaging company based on my artistic illustrations for the baby and kid’s independent retail market. After years of believing in myself and my products, I was able to run a small business from scratch, accruing 150 accounts Australia Wide, while raising 4 children.

Nothing has ever stopped me from growing, and I want to convince you that nothing should stop you from growing either. Once you have opportunities..nothing should ever stop you from putting on your wings and flying…

So if you want to fly.. from the inside out, then this self help Spiritual Fitness blog is for you, because I give you tools for owning the Art of Self – Confidence, of Faith, of Self – Belief, of shining your essence, your light on everything you do in your life….with freedom.. so you can be the best version of YOU, and redefine your life’s purpose.

Since then, my passion for inspiring others such as yourselves has grown so much so that I am even currently achieving my Cert 3 and 4 Fitness Certifications to become a Personal Trainer! Kaboom! The learning and evolving of ourselves is infinite! Ha!

So here it is, in my blog, “Spiritual Fitness”, combining my passion, my wisdom, my connectedness, my writings of positive energetic thoughts, my life in Fitness, Life and Wellness Coaching, Spirituality, Self help and Psychology to help you change your life for the better….because it’s time to unleash.. The Power Of You!




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