Spirituality is Transforming

Spirituality is Transforming

Spirituality is Transforming

For many wondering if the earth was going to cease at the end of 2012, interest began to turn to more spiritual matters. Whilst most did not believe the planet was going to end, it was a good thing. It brought awareness as to who we are and where are we going. Questions were beginning to be asked. Many films have been made,  books published and well known speakers talking about of time speeding up, humanity beginning to shift from old dysfunctional ways and belief systems. With the main question being asked, where are we all going as a collective on this planet?

We have evolved physically, claimed lands, fought our battles, created  industry, even gone to the Moon. Mother Earth is at a critical stage of social evolution, that is how we live with each other as people become more transient. We are all merging back together slowly, learning how to cope and adapt to each other’s ways and beliefs. Imagine life in another thousand years.

What now? Where next? The technological advancements offer us an amazing opportunity to reconnect with each other from our separation from gender, colour, creed, work or religion. This shift,  is now beginning to bring us back together again as one.

As 2013, draws to a close it has been one of the most amazing years of spiritual change on Earth. If you have awoken and have begun to join in this change, your life will begin to flow. You will feel love for everything within your heart, live in a state of pure joy, rediscovering inner peace. If  this flow is resisted, life will feel more upstream than down. We are all “sleepers”, being awoken at just the right time to discover our hidden talents,  to develop them for the good of humanity. To take Mother Earth to the next level of  planetary evolution.

Once spirituality is awoken there is no going back to how life was before. Every thing will be viewed more intensely, felt in a whole different way.

2014 will prove to be a stunning year as spirituality grows to a whole new level. People will come closer together immersing themselves in all their new-found spiritual awakening, knowledge and happiness. They will begin to feel more balanced, whole without that feeling of something is missing in their life. Once complete again with the separation gap closing via the connections on the internet, spirituality will gain strength for the good of mankind and Mother Earth.

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