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Keep It Simple Give Love

Keep It Simple Give Love

Organised Religion & Non-Organised Religion

Interesting view, saw this picture recently posted, reminded me of a conversation with a lady at a local restaurant a few weeks ago.
This lady proudly told me she was a practising  Catholic,  her family all  go regularly to Mass. The family home has a dedicated alter  and burn candles 24 hours a day. They all wear a cross and every night after service in the restaurant give thanks and put out the Virgin Mary on the counter.
She then asked my husband, he said he was born into a practising  Catholic family, but he had not continued to practise. Then all eyes were on me and she asked me, what about you, what are you?
I replied, I am one with the Universe, nature is my religion all people and all things we are together as one.
Then to my surprise she said without a thought, you have nothing then, you are not anything?, not believing, well okay!!!
Wow, I stood just there, mouth open as she walked away to do something else.
 Interesting, how people place others into organised religion, just to dismiss anything else may exist or be interested in the concept of what I said, therefore you have no belief. To say I have nothing!


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