Make A Life Change, Not Resolutions

Make a Life Change

Make a Life Change

Do you find New Year resolutions & Life Changes stressful?

What Life Changes you would love to create in your life? Will you promise yourself a new figure or a gym membership or perhaps save for that dream holiday?

Within the first few days of the New Year you feel enthusiastic. All your friends are discussing their new life changes and you are refining your life changes to become manageable. You realise your will power and old habits are going to need more attention. Mentally with your existing lifestyle, this is going to add more stress to your already busy life.

After a week or two, your momentum begins to dampen and wane. It is so much easier to go home for a lovely hot bath and a glass of wine after a hard day at work. Who wants to go to the gym on a cold dark January night, when you have had no dinner. Your self talk now begins to convince you that you have plenty of time for that bikini figure. Once the evenings get lighter and warmer, you can start to get slim. The next step is to enlist your friends support. This is easy as they are already thinking the same things and are glad you are still available for a glass of wine and dinner out after all, with no more gym. If everyone turned up regularly with their membership, most gyms would be packed and could not cope with the demand. Most gyms realise this and still expect you to pay for the year you signed up for even though you do not now go. The second resolution ended almost as soon as it got going. Now you are not going to the gym and not saving money. In fact you are being very generous and giving your hard-earned cash away. The longer you leave not going to the gym the easier it gets not to go and find reasons not to. These life changes do not leave you feeling very good about yourself. Your high expectations were not met, leaving you feeling a failure long before you really even started.

Make Small Life Changes To Start.

Start to make life changes anytime and make the transformations not last for one or two weeks, life changes are for a lifetime. why not start right here and now, here are three top tips to get you started.

1. Keep your diet or health life changes small to make them feel easy and fun to stick to.

2. It takes a month for life changes to become a habit, decide on one healthy eating tip and keep to it for one month. When it becomes second nature and you do not have to think about it, you have achieved your goal.

3. Whatever life change you decide, find something you love and are passionate about. Realise there is no time limit, no rush as this will be for the rest of your life. If you fail in your chosen life changes in some way you can always start again tomorrow without any mental stress.

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