Luggage Rules

Different means of transport each have their own rules for bags and luggage and what’s allowed. How many pieces are permitted, the weights of each or total if more than one and specialist luggage such as golf bags or  skis and surf boards. For flight luggage please see SFD Flight Shop which has useful information about carrying special luggage on flights.

Air travel:

Want  to know what can and can not be taken aboard a flight, look at which gives the  current rules for carried in hand/cabin baggage.

For flight baggage allowances; sports equipment, musical equipment, pets, hand luggage etc, check out   net offering flight-specific baggage limit information. Also look at Aer Lingus, British Airways, Easy jet, Iberia, Jet 2, Monarch,  Ryanair, Thomson.

Batteries – The IATA  regulations   state the carry on regulations for  batteries. Whether a lithium battery can be carried by air or not depends on its configuration and either Watt-Hour (Wh) rating ( for re-chargeable ) or Lithium content ( LC ) for ( non-rechargeable). Check the link for more information.

Train travel: National Rail information, advice and regulations on what may or may-not be carried on UK trains, including bulky luggage such as Golfing or skiing equipment.

All Gatwick Express trains offer: a free porter service at London Victoria and Gatwick Airport stations. For any questions about luggage, call us on 0845 850 15 30

Gatwick Express: has a free porter service and trains with plenty of luggage space, taking care of your bags, over-sized items such as bikes, skis and boards as there’s bags of space onboard.

Eurostar baggage allowance information, including luggage allowances and the rules on ski trains.

Travelling via  coach:

National Express coach travel luggage policy. and luggage allowance information.  luggage policy on Luton, Gatwick and Stansted airport transfers.

Ferry travel:  The benefit of travelling by ferry is that generally, there is  no restriction on the amount of luggage, indeed your only restriction, is the size of your car. However as there is no access to the car deck once the ferry has set sail, you may wish to take an overnight bag etc.  For foot passengers, the rules vary between the ferry companies, so it may be better to check direct. Large items of specialist luggage such as skies, surfboards, may be charged at cargo rates.