Hug Daily To Improve Your Health

Hug Daily

Hug Daily to improve your health


Hug Daily Therapy is a wonderful way to combat depression, loneliness, stress and healing many ailments. Daily Hugging  gives a lovely warm glow and may even give rise to laughter as tensions are released  in the body by letting go. Conversely, a daily hug may also create sudden tears, this too is also a stress release when crying for no particular reason.

Extensive research that has been carried out over the years has shown that a firm big daily hug with hearts and bodies pressed together can benefit in so many ways.

Here are  10 reasons to hug daily. 

We All Need A Hug

We All Need A Hug

1. A warm firm daily hug creates a feeling of belonging, security and general well being.

2. The Oxytocin levels are instantly boosted by enjoying a hug daily. This in turn helps to heal feelings of loneliness which is often present in the elderly or after the loss of a loved one. A pet often fills this void, with the pet enjoying lots of hugs daily. Domesticated animals also respond to a hug daily in the same way to feel needed and loved. 
3. Serotonin levels can be boosted by a hug daily that lasts longer than normal say when greeting a friend. A long hug  daily can lift the mood and give rise to a warm feeling in the body.
4.The immune system is strengthened by a hug daily. The solar plexus is activated in the centre of the sternum by a gentle squeeze when hugging, an area that can become very tight from stress and emotional issues all helping to relax and release tension here.
5. From the day we are born, we are loved and hugged constantly demonstrating we are much loved and cared for. This also gives a sense of belonging and security. This association from birth continues throughout our lives giving self esteem and self worth which is firmly imprinted deep within everyone. The associations of self-worth and tactile sensations from our early years are still imbedded in our nervous system as adults. Therefore a hug daily is deeply rooted and connects all humans to love and being in the present moment.
6. Hugging daily releases tension and relaxes muscles. The squeezing of hugging constricts blood flow and then the gentle release helps to increase circulation around the body to give a feeling of warmth and well being.
7. Enjoying a hug daily allows a loving connection to giving and receiving to another human being. Allowing love to flow both ways. balance out the nervous system.
8. Having a daily hug also helps to balance out the nervous system, the rush of blood to all areas, stimulates the Parasympathetic system to aid relaxation and calm throughout the body. Whenever there is a crisis, hugging is always needed to help restore stress levels and security.
9. When we are sad, happy, stressed, lonely or upset the need for comfort a hug daily is medicinal for healing, similar to laughter. We let go in the present moment and release all negative energy, this then rebalances the body and allows a new flow of life energy. The renewed connection to the heart and the regular flow of breath is like a reboot or a jump start as if the other person; also benefiting, were a car.
10. In many cultures kissing and hugging is common when meeting family or friends. Generally the people tend to be very happy and ambient to all they meet, giving a feeling of comfort and warmth immediately. Yet in some countries things are more formal and cooler in the approach. This does not mean these humans do not like a hug, we all do. Remember hugging creates bonding, security, closeness and love.


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