How To Keep Motivated

Motivational Health and FitnessMotivation is one of the key factors that can really help us improve our life style habits, helping to get real and long-lasting results – whether it comes to fitness, health, career or any other goal in life. Being motivated is the key to success. 

January is the time of year where gym memberships flourish most with everyone taking to the roads in an effort to run off their Christmas treats in an effort to lose those pounds gained over the two-week holiday.

New Year’s Resolutions seem like a brilliant idea during the Christmas binge, all created to make us feel better. Designed to keep us in a self-improvement mode, spending more money. Losing weight is normally where most money is spent. In no time at all, the new trainers are wearing blisters from all the hard exertion, it is windy and raining outside and work is late, meaning less time to exercise. Already the initial enthusiasm is waning. Too fast too soon leaves a feeling of tiredness and  exhaustion. Work now becomes a wonderful excuse and the best reason given to friends for slowing down or stopping altogether. This is normally about week three after the Christmas holidays.

To see results we must change and think long-term. Bikini bodies need more than a month or two. To begin we need to change our way of thinking take the time and dedication, create goals and a plan. By starting small, it is much easier to keep motivated, stick to the plan and not give up at the first hurdle or perceived fail such a big dinner and drinks night out. This will happen, just begin again the next day and be relaxed about it. This is for life not the next twelve weeks, settle in for a life plan.

 My Top Motivational Key tips are these:

Decide and set the goals 

Create weekly achievable targets that are easy to do fit around work and family. Each time a goal is achieved we will have a feeling of motivation to the next small bite size target.

  • Keep It real; be realistic, we all have big dreams, but if we do not achieve our goals easily it will be doomed to failure, soon after starting. Twelve weeks does not produce the bikini figure, it needs much more time, a year would be more realistic than most magazines would have us believe.
  • Find activities you love & Enjoy; To be sustainable, it has to make us happy. Discover activities we seriously passionate about makes everything fun and very easy to do. If it does not make us happy do not be afraid to change, just do what makes us happy all of the time.
  • Be answerable to yourself; It is a great idea to tell all of our friends about our goals, targets and plans. By asking them for their help, certainly helps when we are feeling tired or fed up and will help to keep us on track. We will thank them further down the road, as it gets easier, which it will. When we answer to ourselves for our own actions, friends and family will also be able to share our successes too. Maybe we will inspire others along the way to join in.
  • Change your thinking.  When we change our attitude towards fitness our actions will change. Of course it will be hard some weeks, yes there will be a lot to juggle between work and family, if the goals are realistic and we are doing things we really enjoy it will never seem like hard work. Just keep thinking of all the reasons we have set ourselves for doing it in the first place. When our lives change amazing things start to happen, we will be filled with positivity and renewed energy and zest for life. Being fit and healthy is the first step to discovering our true life purpose.

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