How to Choose a Hotel

Whether you’re going on honeymoon to Italy, or a short break in UK, looking for a function venue, or taking a long vacation, choosing the right hotel has to be one of the most important decisions, to ensure your time away is enjoyable. You must find a balance between quality, function and price, often the hotels which appear more desirable are less than affordable and the ones more affordable, do not have the functionality.  So what should you look for when selecting a hotel?

You may want a vacation, but do you want to try something adventurous, or do you just want a spa, if a family, do you need to be close to the beach, do you need a lift, ground floor accommodation.

        What type of hotel do you want. 

         You may have waited all year for this, so make the right choice and have a great holiday.

It is more difficult when organising a group but if you are, do ask members what they want from the vacation and then you just might get most of the people happy, most of the time. There is alway one, that does not say what they want and then they complain after but is that not always the case.

  1. Unless you’ll be renting a car, it’s a good idea to stay at hotels which are within walking distance of shops and restaurants. That way you’ll save money on cab fare and have much more flexibility at mealtimes.
  2. Difference between Hotel and Hostel. The differences vary from one country to another. In Spain for example, they can be just as comfortable as any hotel. You may find they do not have a restaurant and you have to use the café across the road or even their own restaurant next door. These can however be half the price of a hotel, check them out.
  3. Draw up a budget, with possible projections on how high you would wish to spend on the accommodation. Add any services you wish to be available
  4. Check out reviews online and don’t discount a hotel just because of one bad review. People do write bad reviews for ridiculous reasons. Check various review sites, not just one site they do vary from one site to another. Search hotels online in your chosen area, make the right choice and have a great holiday.