What are Happiness Jars ?

Happiness Jar

 What is a Happiness Jar?

A Happiness Jar was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, this concept has now spread all over the world. With the new year here this is an excellent time to start your very own jar.

What are Happiness Jars?

It could not be more simple. Begin by finding yourself a jar or container with a lid preferably. At the end of every day take a small piece of paper and write down your happiest moment of the day.

I hear you saying, it has not been a very good day today!  The idea is there is always one thing maybe more that made you happy no matter how small or insignificant.

When you have had a rough day, there is always a moment that is least to all the “others”, you can write a few happy and positive words about.

Take your piece of paper and pop it into the jar. In no time at all you will have a great record of your happy days and moments within them during that year, even if on the surface you believe you have not. The mind tends to have a way of focusing mainly on bad things in tough times, if you allow it to. Your Happiness Jar will be the tonic you need, when you are feeling under the weather.

A Happiness Jar is a wonderful way to remind you that there was at least one thing every day. How good would that be… happiness.

In down times you will be able to take a lucky dip into your jar and recall events you had forgotten all about. These notes will bring a smile to your face as you recall these days. It will make you realise to appreciate the smallest moments in your life, when maybe nothing special or great happened that day.

Have fun by getting pretty or coloured notes to make your jar even happier and more vibrant to look at. Keep your jar in a prominent place at home. By just thinking about the contents will make you smile on a grumpy day!

Elizabeth Gilbert who created the Happiness Jar, has been putting her notes in hers for years. She says if her house burnt down it would be one object she would take from her burning house.

Your own Happiness Jar will teach you many things. It will always be a source of amazement as to what actually is selected to go into the jar at the end of every day. You will note that your Happiness Jar will not only contain huge life events, but small things like a beautiful rainbow or cloud formation. Your moment of awareness and being filled with gratitude for just being alive that day. Your “this is me” moment, here in the “now”.

If you are going through a tough time, your jar will inspire you to know there also some great or good things in every day. This practice will keep you going and make you smile.

Here’s to all your Happiest Moments for love, health, light and abundance. Make it a great happy year with your Happiness Jar.

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