Jet 2 Cheap Flights  Getting the best deal on flights. Many people now want the flexibility of finding their own accommodation and thus are only looking to book a flight rather than a holiday package. This arrangement gives the opportunity to book from local regional airports, shop around for fares and choose the return dates.

Are budget airlines always the best deal?  When looking around at flight deals low-cost, budget carriers may be your answer. They may however limit the luggage allowance for particular types of luggage, such as sports equipment. Extra  baggage allowances vary widely, additional  fees can be as much as a cheap flight. Many choose to book online, if you do, you Must read the instructions for printing off your ticket and check the luggage allowance for that airline.

Want to compare prices, on the right you’ll find airlines,  with excellent flight booking engines,  giving quick and easy access to available flights from a range of carriers.

Booking one way flights ? – booking your flights each way is possible and it is sometimes cheaper, also it may be cheaper to book flights from another country.  Is it actually worth the trouble, to be honest, probably not. Flights or so cheap now from a number of airlines, it is just not worth the hassle.


Headline flight prices can be  misleading. Your luggage may not be included,  many carriers  charge everything possible as an extra, even your meals ! Charges do vary, for each airline, the destination,  bag size, weight and specialist and sporting equipment. Check out our  Luggage allowance  page.

Budget airlines do some very good deals but the mainstream, traditional carriers can work out better than budget rates by the time you’ve added your luggage and you book online don’t forget to print-off your boarding pass ! Read all the small print.

With special or sports luggage search directly as the flight booking engines would find luggage allowance too complex.  You may find low-cost carriage for winter sports, golf or diving gear, just look around.