Do Something Different To Change


Try something new every day

Try something new every day

One New Experience Every Day by Changing Ourselves

Let me explain, in order to change we need to change ourselves. To do that we first need to know what we want out of life, strangely not many people actually know this or have even considered what they want clearly and concisely.

If we keep doing the same old things, we will keep getting the same results. We cannot hope that one day things will just magically change to something nice. I believe this famous quote sums it up.

Albert Einstein

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

How can We Change Ourselves if We do not know what We want?

When I do not know what to do or where I am going, but feel the need for answers, this is what I do.

  • Ask the Universe whilst out walking in nature, asking the questions even if it only what do I do or where should I go. Throw it out there, we may be very surprised how quickly the answers come back. Sometimes we will get a sign right in front of us or maybe a eureka moment in the shower or wake up early and find the answer right there. We will know the sign is for us, just like choosing a home or finding our true love. People always ask me how do you know if it is right. We truly will know, there is no time limit it may take a moment a day, a month or even a year or more, but we will surely know. There is no time in the Universe.We just need to know to ask the questions and let them sort themselves out when the time is right for us. Know and believe that all our questions and prayers will be answered, we just need to have faith and be patient, especially if we do not know how to change ourselves. If we have a clear picture of what we want to change and our needs, it is easier to remain focused.


  • Every day to begin to change ourselves, spend time going somewhere completely new. This enables us to get inspiration, meet new people, see new opportunities and gain new refreshed energy. Our “inner self” will be working overtime for us, in no time at all creating much needed positivity. It is a really great feeling to change ourselves, we will have lots of natural energy and will not feel tired at all. During this time we will also learn a lot of new things. These new experiences may not directly be the answers we are seeking, but indirectly can lead us to many new things and maybe something completely different, just the change we crave.


  • We must enlist the help of friends and family and let them know we are seeking a life change, we may be surprised at the ideas they may have for us.

Now we understand that once we have established that we want to change ourselves, it is us who need to change not others around us. Also be prepared that others close to us may not be receptive to our new visions of change. In order to grow we must make changes to ourselves. The Universe has enough for everyone, do not be afraid to ask or give ourselves any limits on our requests, know there is plenty of everything.





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