Crossing Magical Paths: Meeting Our Spiritual Family…



In life, we are born into a certain family. We are loved, nurtured and are taught about life through their eyes. Soon, we grow older, and life goes along, and sweeps us away, and we start to gain life experience.

Once we set forth on our path, amazing things start to happen. We take leaps of faith, we take courageous steps, we learn amazing skills, and most importantly, we begin crossing magical paths…meeting our Spiritual family, who help us, who teach us about ourselves, and whose ideas and ways helpus towards achieving inner fulfillment.

This can be a best – friend of over 25 years that feels like a soul – sister to you. It could be an old friend from high school who may live on the other side of the world, but when you see them over the years, somehow you are able to begin your connection again, from where you left off, effortlessly. It can also be a new parent you might meet in the school’s playground, or a friend from college or uni that you roomed with. These friendships are true, cosmic, and areone of life’s greatest mysteries because they defy time and distance….

It’s as if the universe has a plan for your journey.. and has chosen certain people to help take you through that road in your life. I call these walking angels in my life “Spiritual Family”: At first, when you meet them, you feel like you’ve known this person before, like an instant “Kindred Spirit Connection.” You just connect on a level without effort. Like a sister or brother, like a father figure, a mother figure, someone who becomes part of your extended family… It’s a magical recognition, something that you can’t quite explain, just the feeling of FAMILY…


And these special people continue to remain foremost in your mind as they have a part to play in the various chapters of your life. As one door of your chapter closes, sometimes it is that EXACT person who helps you to open THAT new door…

And you know who these people are… for YOU.

So here is my question to pose to you today…

What if the reverse was true? What if the universe sent YOU to be a walking angel for someone else?

Have you ever crossed someone’s path before that created such a positive outcome that changed THEIR life in such an expansive way? If someone could have the power to do that for you, isn’t it also true that YOU have the power to do the same?

Maybe a chapter had closed for someone else, and YOU were the very angel to open that door and walk in and shine light and love forthem in their exact time of need?

Maybe the universe chose YOU for that purpose.

Isn’t the thought of THAT concept just so empowering…and mind-blowing? Perhaps WE have more meaning to life, more direction and purpose to the life outside of us than we are consciously aware of? Or maybe, just maybe, our life’s journey is all about TRUSTING the universe to do it’s job for OUR BIGGER PICTURE, no matter which door we need to open or walk through?

One thing I know for sure, it sure is a possibility.

For we are not meant to walk this road of life alone. Sometimes we need to put our egos aside….and just have TRUST with the chance encounters we experience in our lifetime with our Spiritual Kindred Families, for they are who we truly need to celebrate and be thankful for in our lives. They are the very people who make our lives richer, and make us better people. They are around, just waiting in the wings, when you least expect it…

So just take a chance and let them open the door to your new chapter in life… just let them cross into your magical life’s path..

It will be a meeting like no other… and it may alter your life just when you need it most.

Or YOU may just alter theirs….

Have a great week…and a soulful journey.. wherever you may be…

Nicole Salinger Spiritual Fitness Coach





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