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Crossing Magical Paths: Meeting Our Spiritual Family…

In life, we are born into a certain family. We are loved, nurtured and are taught about life through their eyes. Soon, we grow older, and life goes along, and sweeps us away, and we start to gain life experience.
Once we set forth on our path, …

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Welcome To The Spiritual Fitness Blog!

Hello! I am Nicole Salinger, a Spiritual Fitness and Wellness Coach, and I am so excited to bring my passion, enthusiasm and positive energy to you here via my blog, “Spiritual Fitness”, to all of you kindred Spiritual Fitness Directory followers!
So nice to meet all …

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Spiritual Fitness Nicole Salinger

Spiritual Fitness in Australia

Spiritual Fitness in Australia
Hello from Spiritual Fitness in Australia!!!
Hello to all you bright, shining Spiritual Fitness Directory readers! My name is Nicole Salinger, a fellow Spiritual Fitness Coach and Spiritual Writer based in Melbourne, Australia!
I will be sharing my inspirational spiritual fitness articles with you all …

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Nature Deficit Disorder Reconnect to nature and be inspired

Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder
This phrase was first created in 2005 by a US writer Richard Louv that described the impact spending too much time indoors had on children.
The writer blamed the rise in attention disorders, depression and childhood obesity on “Nature deficit disorder” for not getting outdoors …

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Happiness Jar

What are Happiness Jars ?

 What is a Happiness Jar?
A Happiness Jar was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, this concept has now spread all over the world. With the new year here this is an excellent time to start your very own jar.
What are Happiness Jars?
It could not be more simple. Begin …

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2015 Life Coaching

Say Hello To 2015

New Year Resolutions 2015
As many people strive to yet again make their new year resolutions 2015, perhaps it is time to be relaxed about everything that is troubling you and simply ask the Universe to help. Most new year resolutions 2015 will simply fade away after …

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