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Yoga Festival Spain 650

Yoga Festival Spain

City2sand present a vibrant uplifting lifestyle 5 day Yoga Festival in Spain Yoga Festival Spain 1st-5th June 2017 Calpe Spain. Find the joy and magic in an award winning Cond Naste  Beach Hotel at the yoga, music and dance festival. Share this amazing experience with a friend or partner, we have ...

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Natural Medicine Magazine Journal New Zealand 0

Natural Medicine Magazine NZ

Natural Medicine Magazine NZ Welcome to The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine website and online shop. The Natural Medicine Magazine NZ is contributed by well known doctors and authors in the natural medicine field who write articles on all the latest developments in the world of natural medicine. We are a ...

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Spirituality & Health Magazine 0

Spirituality & Health Magazine

Spirituality & Health Magazine Spirituality & Health Magazine cover a broad range of subjects offering readers all aspects of health and spirituality. Readers can learn more about spirituality, Eastern philosophy, meditation, and mainstream religion; nutrition, wellness, yoga, and holistic medicine; creativity, the inner life, social justice, and issues of ...

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Yoga & Wellness Retreat India 1999

Yoga Wellness Retreat India

 Yoga Wellness Retreat India 23 Sep 2015 – 2 Oct 2015 (Wed – Fri, 9 nights) More dates or TO BOOK Cochin, Kerala, India From $1999 Yoga & wellness Retreat to South India Tour Highlights. Daily Yoga with QUALIFIED EXPERIENCED yoga instructor from India. The tour is guided by our English speaking tour leader. One ...

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Yoga Retreat Florida 85

Yoga Retreat Florida

Yoga Retreat Florida Casa Calm Yoga Retreat Centre 83rd Avenue East, Myakka City, Florida, USA From $85 per night BOOK HERE   The Yoga Retreat Florida centre features Daily yoga Sessions  Healthy daily breakfast  A heated pool Outdoor Jacuzzi Indoor and outdoor yoga areas Indoor and outdoor relaxing areas Indoor and outdoor dining areas A ...

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Yoga & Detox Retreat Jamaica 990

Yoga & Detox Retreat Jamaica

Yoga & Detox Retreat Jamaica 7 Days Relax & Detox Yoga Retreat Jamaica Go Natural Resort, Long Bay, Portland Parish, Jamaica From $990 Retreats all year please request your preferred DATES Yoga Bless Retreats in Sweet Jamaica Refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body through this yoga retreat in ...

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Nature Deficit Disorder Reconnect to nature and be inspired

Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder
This phrase was first created in 2005 by a US writer Richard Louv that described the impact spending too much time indoors had on children.
The writer blamed the rise in attention disorders, depression and childhood obesity on “Nature deficit disorder” for not getting outdoors …

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Happiness Jar

What are Happiness Jars ?

 What is a Happiness Jar?
A Happiness Jar was inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert, this concept has now spread all over the world. With the new year here this is an excellent time to start your very own jar.
What are Happiness Jars?
It could not be more simple. Begin …

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2015 Life Coaching

Say Hello To 2015

New Year Resolutions 2015
As many people strive to yet again make their new year resolutions 2015, perhaps it is time to be relaxed about everything that is troubling you and simply ask the Universe to help. Most new year resolutions 2015 will simply fade away after …

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Love is Everything

Peoples Perceptions

Organised Religion & Non-Organised Religion
Interesting view, saw this picture recently posted, reminded me of a conversation with a lady at a local restaurant a few weeks ago.
This lady proudly told me she was a practising  Catholic,  her family all  go regularly to Mass. The family home …

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The past is your future

Do Something Different To Change

One New Experience Every Day by Changing Ourselves
Let me explain, in order to change we need to change ourselves. To do that we first need to know what we want out of life, strangely not many people actually know this or have even considered what …

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We All Need A Hug

Hug Daily To Improve Your Health

Hug Daily Therapy is a wonderful way to combat depression, loneliness, stress and healing many ailments. Daily Hugging  gives a lovely warm glow and may even give rise to laughter as tensions are released  in the body by letting go. Conversely, a daily hug may also create sudden tears, …

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